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About the Brand

"INSTABLOCK" – the revolutionary and developing design chain was established in 2015 by Moshik and Michal Galamin, a brother and sister. Together and separately, Moshik and Michal are responsible for businesses and projects which incorporate unique style and design.

With the help of some of the best professionals in the field as well as additional talented family members, they have dreamt, developed and built a series of high-quality, artistic products which are fascinating and addictive, environmentally friendly and recyclable; products which can serve as a lifelong memento, a design piece for the home or the office, or as a personal gift. Most of all, they serve as part of an artistic experience which captures moments, people, places, spaces, landscapes and inspirations.

Influenced by the age of new media and the constant documentation of unforgettable moments from people's photogenic lives, at a time when social networks have replaced the "old-school" photo albums, Moshik and Michal have identified the need people have to create and treasure experiences and moments, not only in the alienating digital format but in a real-life format.

Today, after only five years, the company's products can be found in almost every home or office in Israel and around the world.

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